Smart Attendance System- System Managing Attendance for Regularity & Timeliness

Smart Attendance System- System Managing Attendance for  Regularity & Timeliness. In the present situation, maintaining a manual attendance system is too complex and time-consuming. An efficient smart attendance management system can be used to improve organizational ethics and work culture. The enrollment of the employees in the system is a one-time process and their faces will be stored in the database. The automated attendance management system can detect a person’s face using a digital real-time image. The presence of each employee is updated in the database daily and the results are more accurate in a user-interactive manner.

Smart Attendance System

Smart Attendance System- System Managing Attendance for Regularity & Timeliness:

1) Real-time tracking – Mobile devices and personal computers can help in tracking employee attendance in an efficient method.

2)Decreased errors – The smart attendance system deliver accurate data with minimal human intervention and can reduce redundant errors as well as eliminate manual work.

3) Management of enormous data – Huge amount of data can be managed and organized in a detailed way within the database.

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4) Improved authentication and security – The smart attendance system gives full confidentiality and control of data with secured access.

5) Reports – With comprehensive reporting capabilities, the management can track the log-in and log-out of employees, calculate attendance-based wages, view the absent list and take necessary actions, and check employee personal information.

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