Madare Watan Yojana Smart Villages Sachem : “GET Full Detail Madar Vatan Yojana”

Madre Vatan scheme

Madare Watan Yojana Smart Villages Sachem : “GET Full Detail Madar-e-Watan Yojana” The State Government has implemented ‘Madare Watan Yojana‘ to encourage donors to make better facilities available in the villages with donations and government grants from any donor or village person residing in the district, state or country.

A circular has been issued yesterday with the signature of Shri Jaideep Dwivedi, Joint Secretary, Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development. The nearest Panchayat office can be contacted. Phone no. Of Panchayat Department.

Madare Watan Yojana Smart Villages Sachem

The Gujarat government announced several schemes for farmers to help boost harvest and tide over bad weather conditions in the Rs 2,17,287-crore Budget tabled by Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, who also holds the Finance portfolio, in the Assembly on Wednesday.

Madare Watan Yojana Smart Villages Sachem. Among the key announcements were one urban health center for every 10,000 people, relief in electricity duty for around 30 lakh consumers, developing 500 schools in the state as Schools of Excellence, and a scheme for NRIs to give back to the community.


Madare Watan Yojana

These are seen as targeted for the local body elections to be held at end of this year.

The Madar-e-Watan scheme is a new scheme under which the government proposes to contribute an equal share of the sum spent by an NRI for the development of facilities, including schools, classrooms, smart-classes, anganwadis, cemeteries, dispensaries, roads, water tanks, ponds and toilets, in his/her hometown in Gujarat.


GET Full Detail Madar-e-Watan Yojana

Madare Watan Yojana Donor: A person living in a village, a person with a sense of belonging to the village or a person who was born in the village or whose ancestors lived in that village and resides anywhere outside the district, state, country of the village based on their residence in the gram panchayat area Such a person has to deposit the amount as donation in the office which is decided by the state government for the development of the village.

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Madare Watan Yojana facility of this scheme:;

The list of works that can be taken under the scheme includes Pako Road from the main entrance of the village to the village panchayat or village chora, other roads of the village, village choro, gram panchayat house, primary school – secondary school room – smart class, drinking water facility – house tap facility. , S.T. Bus pick up stand (protected from heat and rainy season).

Madare Watan Yojana Smart Villages Sachem cemetery – cemetery, sub center – primary health center, anganwadi, community hall, village public places – street lights on public roads, village haat – haat, door to door solid waste Collection and disposal from scientific method to its landfill site, Milk Society building, Animal treatment center, work of paving block of village public road and public square, creation of park under Panchvati scheme, playground, communal toilet, ventilation facility for cattle, feast, home use.

These include underground sewerage system for water collection and its water recycling system, library, village entrance etc.

If any basic facility works are to be done for the compliance of the duties legally assigned to the Gram Panchayat which are not included in this list, those works can be done by passing a resolution in the Gram Sabha with the approval of the Taluka Development Officer. Donors will be able to join the scheme subject to government policy rules.

Solid and liquid waste management is essential for maintaining cleanliness in the village. For solid waste management, cleaning equipment like tricycle and hand cart will be provided to 14 gram panchayats of the state. 2 water treatment plants will be set up in about 50 gram panchayats for the management of such waste liquid waste for which a total provision of Rs. 31 crore will be made.

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Madare Watan Yojana Smart Villages Sachem Under the Gujarat Government’s scheme, solid waste is to be collected through door-to-door collection. At present, a grant of Rs. 2 per person per month is to be given to all Gram Panchayats. Instead, a monthly grant of Rs 4 per person should be given, a provision of Rs 3 crore.


Madare Watan Yojana Smart Villages Sachem

The state government is very good at providing housing to every family in rural areas. Success is achieved. All these dwellings are built with toilet facilities.

Now the state government will provide assistance of Rs 5,000 against the beneficiary contribution of Rs 5,000 for setting up a bathroom facility along with the newly sanctioned accommodation. Provision of Rs. 20 crore for this.

I am happy to announce the Madare Watan Yojana with the objective of creating permanent employment for the sisters in rural areas. Under this scheme, sisters of self-help groups will be given assistance to buy grain and spice grinding bells. Provision of Rs. 3 crore for this. Provision of Rs. 3 crore for setting up stalls for diresale of manufactured goods at local fairs.

Gandhinagar: Finance minister Nitin Patel today announced Madre Vatan Yojana under wich the State government will contribute the amount matching to the amount donated by private donors for development works in villages.

Schools, class rooms, smart class, Anganwadi, crematorium, clinic, road, drinking water tank, village pond, gutter system, public toilet, library, community hall.

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panchayat ghar etc facilities attract donation from private donors who want to contribute to their native place. The government has under Madre Vatan scheme decided to contribute equal amount from its own treasury.

Finance Minister Nitin Patel announced provision of Rs. 200 crore for this scheme.

Gandhinagar, February 27: In his Budget for the fiscal 2020-21, Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Nitin Patel has allocated Rs. 200 crore (USD 28 million) towards development of smart villages by the Non-Resident Gujaratis (NRGs).

Known as “Madar-e-Watan”, the new scheme aims to attract NRGs to develop their native places as smart villages in Gujarat. The State Government would contribute an amount equal to the one spent by the NRGs.

For the financial year 2020-21, the State Government has allocated Rs. 200 crore to encourage the NRGs to launch projects.

Under the new scheme, the State Government proposes to contribute an equal share of the sum spent by an NRI for development of facilities like schools, class rooms, smart classes, anganwadis, crematorium, dispensaries, roads, water tanks ponds and toilets in Gujarat.

Vahali Dikri Yojna – Download Gujarat Vahali Dikari Yojana Form | Vali Dikri Yojna achievement

Non-Residents Indians (NRI) from 19 states had recently adopted 62 villages in India for their conversion into smart villages. A smart village reverses migration by providing extra earning for villagers, and better healthcare and education in villages.

They are now planning to develop 48 more villages. Nearly 14 village adopters from the USA have already started work in their native villages. Madare Watan Yojana Smart Villages Sachem : “GET Full Detail Madar-e-Watan Yojana” on Mafat.


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