Holiday Homework:: Gujarat STD 3 to 9 Holiday Homework

 Gujarat STD 3 to 9 Holiday Homework PDF:: Hello Parents, In this article, we will discuss the Gujarat STD 3 to 9 Holiday Homework. Many children agree that homework over the holidays really is a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

Upon returning from a Summer Holiday, the teachers probably have a handful of students saying the dog ate their homework or it got blown away in a winter storm. But as a parent, you need to understand that the holiday’s homework is a good practice for your.

Before we discussed the Gujarat STD 3 to 9 Holiday Homework. Let us check the CBSE Class 3 Syllabus. below we have mentioned complete Gujarat STD 3 to 9 Homework. students are advised to check out the complete Homework

.Holiday Homework

Today Sarva shixa abhiyan Gujarat Declared Home work for student for Week 1. These Home work Declared for std 3 to 8. current all school of Gujarat State ARe closed due to Corona virus effect. In this time Students have to do home work every week. every saturday SSA Declared Home work for students.

Brief Detail For Holiday Homework for students:::

Home work declared by :: SSA gujarat

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Standard::: 3 to 9

Subject covered :::  Gujarati, Maths, AAspas, English, SS, Science

Home work for :: Week-3

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Download NCERT Solutions for all classes. Students of the upper primary level (Class 6, 7 and 8) are already well informed and are keen to find and learn more. According to CBSE, while assigning and preparing homework for the students, it is important to note they are able to develop the skills like relating, thinking, concluding, inferring.


Homework should be such that the student neither feel it burdensome nor they lose interest in the subject matter. Moreover it is useful in providing them a happy experience. Homework therefore needs to be thought about and worked upon differently. Emphasis should be given on Vedic mathematics, designing quality homework rather than its quantity. Download NCERT Books and apps based on latest CBSE Syllabus.

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STD 3 to 9 Holiday Home pdf

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Purpose Of Providing Holiday Homework

A well rounded development of individual knowledge happens not only from textbooks and formal education but more from the learner’s personal experiences, individual inquisitive nature and social surroundings.

Homework is an area of importance and to make it more relevant for the NCERT Books classes 6th, 7th and 8th, appropriate strategies and meaningful activities may be suggested to the schools that give more time to child to explore the environment to develop creative thinking.

These activities (like OTBA for class 9 & 11 ) would be so framed that they keep the child interested in subjects and therefore would also help in enhancing the learning power.

Homework is one of the areas that need urgent attention. As the students of class VI, VII and VIII develop a certain learning style and want to know and find more and more. Efforts should be made to make homework more creative and interesting so that the students do not feel burdensome while doing the same and the ultimate purpose of providing homework is served.

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