Shcool Open Relented News Report Government unveils SOPs for reopening of schools for classes 9th to 12th from September 21

The state is currently facing an important news regarding the opening of schools. Today, the education minister said that schools in the state will not be open till Diwali. The government will consider starting a school after Diwali.

The government has taken an important decision today regarding the condition of Corona at a time when the state is witnessing a monstrous form of Corona. Corona’s condition will be considered after Diwali and then a decision will be taken to reopen the schools. The next decision on starting school will be taken based on the situation of Corona in the state after Diwali.

It is worth mentioning here that in Unlock of Gujarat, everything is slowly opening up. But the government has not yet given permission to open schools, which is a big news today. Every parent was faced with the question of when the children’s schools would reopen.

The Education Department of the Government of Gujarat has taken an important decision. He said the government would consider starting primary and secondary schools in Gujarat only after Diwali. In Corona’s situation, the government said the education department would consider starting schools based on Corona’s situation in the state after Diwali.

Government unveils SOPs for reopening

Government unveils SOPs for reopening

The Narendra Modi government on Tuesday issued Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) for partial reopening of schools for students of 9th to 12th classes on a voluntary basis.

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The SOP outlines various generic precautionary measures to be adopted in addition to specific measures to be taken when schools are permitting students (for 9th to 12th class) to prevent spread of COVID-19.

All States/UT’s are expected to comply with the COVID-19 related guidelines issued by ministry of home affairs and ministry of health & family welfare.

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“Prior to resumption of activities, all work areas intended for teaching/demonstrations etc., including laboratories, other common utility areas shall be sanitized with 1% sodium hypocrite solution, with particular attention to frequently touched surfaces,”Government unveils SOPs for reopening announced by the Health Ministry states.

Attendance for students will be voluntary and only to seek guidance from teachers. Online classes will continue. Those attending school will have to wear masks compulsorily. “This will be subject to the written consent of their parents/guardians. Such visits and teacher–student interaction must be organized in a staggered manner,” the SOP states.

Government unveils SOPs for reopening

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Even for guidance, all senior students will not report to school together. Guidance activities will be staggered with students being allocated specific time for reporting.

All entry points to the schools will have hand sanitizers and thermal screening for temperature. To ensure that physical distancing of six feet is maintained, schools have been asked to draw markings on the floor in staff rooms, office areas, the mess, library, cafeteria and also design classroom seating accordingly.

Upon reopening, morning assembly, sports and any event or activity that could lead to crowding will not be allowed. Sharing of items such as class notes and stationery among st students will also be prohibited.

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