‘Ayushmann Bharat’ scheme Full Details

Ayushmann Bharat’ scheme Full Details The government has opened the way for free treatment of 100 million families in the country. The government will allow 5 crores of rupees to be cured every family for free of treatment every year. In the family taking advantage of this scheme, no matter how many members there are, all of them can take advantage of it. One council will be formed for this benefit to all, to get benefit of this scheme. It will preside over the Health Minister.

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Under the scheme, the benefits will be found

Modi government announced the launch of a health scheme in the budget. There was a plan to involve 10 crore poor families of the country. Now the government has approved the scheme under the name ‘Ayushmann Bharat’. It has also set the conditions for the scheme which will benefit from it.


Who can take advantage of this scheme

Under this scheme, one person will have to complete one of the criteria to get annually for treatment for 5 lakh rupees. Many criteria have been set by the government. The scheme has been made according to the census done in 2011, of poor families.

If you live in rural areas then this is the conditions

– One room’s raw house, family in Zupada and a family in which there is no adult member of the age of 16 to 59 years.
– The only woman member in the family, who has no male between 16 to 59 years of age.
– A family which has a disabled member and does not have any adult member family supervised.
– Without SC and ST families who do not own land and have an annual income of Rs.
– If the family has no roof and legally the children have been exempt from labor.

'Ayushmann Bharat' scheme Full Details


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If you live in urban areas then this is the conditions

– The poor people living in the government’s urban areas will get the benefit of the scheme.
– Many categories have been created for the selection of the poor.
– In total 11 categories have been distributed to the urban poor, which can benefit from this scheme.

This feature will be available in the scheme

Under this, every family will get a cover of Rs 5 lakh annually. It will cover all serious illnesses.
– No one else is left without treatment. For this, family size and no age limit have been shown in the scheme.
– The scheme covers pre and post hospitalization. Transportation allowance of each hospitalization has also been mentioned, which will be repaid to the beneficiary.

Read full Details in Gujarati

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